Technique is extremely important in swimming.  My coach used to say that swimming was 80% efficiency and 20% effort.  For two people of equal strength, the one with better technique will come out on top every time. 



The following are (slightly edited) training tips written by Ande Rasmussen.  We’ve selected the ones we feel are the best.  The full list can be found on this forum.



Tip 1: Swim fast in practice
Tip 4: The power of HABIT
Tip 5: Acting AS IF
Tip 11: Ease of movement
Tip 13: Unconscious mastery
Tip 18: Get a grip
Tip 27: What we say out loud
Tip 59: Cause and effect
Tip 68: Get tougher
Tip 80: Comparing and despairing
Tip 82: Better stories
Tip 86: Coachability
Tip 88: Training for the 1650 (1 mile)
Tip 92: Faster intervals
Tip 141: Swim tips for triathletes