You are not required to race or compete in triathlons to be apart of the team.

But we encourage members, especially the new ones to try and compete. Racing is a lot of fun!

All of the races in the WCCTC are sprint triathlons. Except for MTS Regionals and Nationals which are Olympic distance.

For our more seasoned triathletes on the team we encourage you to sign up for other races during the season in addition to those sponsored by the WCCTC. This includes: half-marathon, marathon, half-ironman, and ironman. Team members in the past have trained for those simultaneously through out the year.

We also encourage members to do other fun races as a team. Such as Color runs, Mud runs, 5K’s, 10Ks, Spartan runs, etc. The idea behind UCI Tri is to train and compete as a team at all different levels.