• What is a Triathlon?
    A triathlon consists of three events; a swim, a bike, and a run. There are four standard categories of triathlons:
Race Type Swim Dist. (Meters) Bike Dist. (Miles) Run Dist. (K)
Sprint: Approx. 500 Approx. 12 5
Olympic: 1500 Approx 25 10
Half Ironman: 1900 56 21.1 (1/2 Marathon)
Full Ironman: 3860 112 42.2 (Full Marathon)
  • I don’t have a bike… can I still join?
    YES! You are welcome to join team and participate in all the other workouts or team events. However, if you would like to participate in triathlon races you will eventually need to borrow or purchase a bike. There are a lot of good resources online when deciding on what kind of bike to buy. Do your research and reach out to senior members on the team to help you find a good quality low cost bike to start off with. Click HERE and HERE for a few good online resources to start with.
  • I’m not a strong swimmer or I don’t know how to swim… can I still join?
    YES! Twice a week we hold swim practice at the ARC pool. There are teammates that are always willing to lend their expertise to help other team members out!


  • How often does the team practice?
    We typically practice 6 times a week. Visit Training! for details on types of workouts and the basic weekly practice outline!


  • Do I need a wetsuit to race?
    No, you can definitely race without a wetsuit. However, most collegiate races take place between February and March… during this time the water temperature is quite low and a wetsuit is strongly encouraged. Also, a wetsuit keeps you more buoyant which is definitely nice for longer swims.

  • Where can I buy a wetsuit?
    There are several places to buy a wetsuit around there OC area. We are sponsored by Xterra, who provides great deals on high quality wetsuits. You can ask any of the tri teammates for help when purchasing a wetsuit. Here is a list (and link) to some local shops that sell triathlon specific wetsuits. Remember… there is a big difference between a surfing wetsuit and a racing wetsuit.


Good Luck! Please contact any member of the team if you have more questions.

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