Running form can be simplified down to two main things:

1) Land underneath your body

2) Have a fast cadence at any running speed (90+ steps per leg per minute)
These two things will decrease impact and stress on knees, shins, hips,
and your back so that you have less injuries and you are able to train
harder and longer. It also increases your efficiency and speed because
you aren’t creating a braking effect by landing in front of your body
(striding out) and effectively slowing yourself down.
VIDEO on running form analysis:

Run Routes

These are some common run routes we use.  The difficulty ratings are categorized by distance and course elevation, not by the pace we run them.

Duck ponds – 5.8 miles (easy)

University Hills Loop – 3.1 miles (medium easy)

Turtle Rock loop – 5.9 miles (medium)

Bonita Creek loop- 6.86 miles (medium hard)

Shady Canyon Loop- 8.98 miles (hard)