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  • What will I need to train with the team and how much will it cost?
    • You will need a swimsuit (anywhere from $25-$80). We usually order team suits in the Fall quarter.
    • Goggles ($20).Swim cap ($5) usually only necessary if you have long hair, and we normally get them for free at races.
    • Running shoes ($90).
    • A road or triathlon bike.
  • I don’t have a bike… can I still join?
    • YES! You are welcome to join the team and participate in all the other workouts or team events. However, if you would like to participate in triathlon races you will eventually need to borrow or purchase a bike. There are a lot of good resources online when deciding on what kind of bike to buy. Do your research and reach out to senior members on the team to help you find a good quality low cost bike to start off with. Click HERE and HERE for a few good online resources to start with. We are also sponsored by a local bike shop, Two Wheels One Planet, and we will be working with them to order new bikes.
  • I’m not a strong swimmer or I don’t know how to swim… can I still join?
    • YES! Twice a week we hold swim practice at the ARC pool. Everyone starts somewhere… We have clinics for stroke technique, flip turns, even open water swimming. Training is modified as needed for the individual and there are teammates that are always willing to lend their expertise to help other team members out
  • How often does the team practice?
  • Do I have to go to practice every day?
    • Because we are a club sports team it is not required that you go to all or even any practices but you should attend as many as you can. Of course, we are all students, so we understand if you have conflicts with school or have a big deadline.
  • What do you do at Practice & What should I Bring?
    • During a BRICK workout, we’ll put our bikes on stationary trainers and focus on interval training. BRICK practices will also include a run workout after we get off the bike.
      • For these workouts, you will need to bring your bike, as well as shoes to ride and run in.  Most people wear bike shorts and t-shirts (or some sort of athletic top).  Additionally, you will want to bring a water bottle and, if you sweat a lot, a small workout towel.  The team will provide stationary trainers.
    • For running workouts on the track we focus on speed and pacing using shorter intervals. Just come wearing clothes to run in and your running shoes.  You may also want to bring a water bottle.
    • For swim practices we will train technique and endurance, you just need goggles and a swimsuit
  • What if I just want to swim (run, cycle…)?
    • Sure! Like we mentioned above, you can come to as much practice as you want, and you can choose which ones you want to come to!
  • What should I bring on a team bike ride?
    • Helmet – This is REQUIRED! You must wear a helmet on all team rides.  No helmet, no ride.
    • Proper clothing – Temperatures can be in the 40’s when we begin our morning rides in the winter, so it’s up to you to know what the weather will be and dress accordingly! Remember that you’re adding a 20 mph wind chill to however it feels outside.
    • Water or sports drink – When working out, it is generally recommended that you drink a bottle of fluid per hour.  Please plan accordingly.  On longer rides, we will stop and refill bottles.
    • Food – If you plan to ride longer than an hour, then please bring snacks (Clif bars, power bars, PB&J sandwich, banana, trail mix, etc).  You should consume about 200-300 calories per hour of riding!
    • Spare tube and/or patch kit
    • Small pump or CO2 inflator
    • Emergency info – In a plastic bag, put a photocopy of your drivers license, student ID, and medical insurance card.  Also write down who to call if you get injured. Alternatively, buy (and wear!) a RoadID. This keeps your important information (name, emergency information, allergies) right on your body. Even with a RoadID, you still should bring an ID and insurance card.
    • Money or Credit Card – Bring $10 to $20 dollars just in case you need to stop by a bike shop to get something fixed, or you need to buy more food or drink along the way.
    • Cell phone

  • What is a Triathlon?
    A triathlon consists of three events; a swim, a bike, and a run. There are four standard categories of triathlons:
Race Type Swim Dist. Bike Dist. (Miles) Run Dist.
Sprint: ~500 m or ~550 yds. Approx. 12 5 km or 3.1 miles
Olympic: 1500 m or 1640 yds. Approx 25 10 km or 6.2 miles
Half Ironman: 1900 m or 2077 yds. 56 21.1 km or 13.1 miles
Full Ironman: 3860 m or 4221 yds. 112 42.2 km or 26.2 miles
  • When is the race season?
    • Our official season is from October to late April. We race at events hosted by other colleges in the WCCTC conference from Stanford and Davis to San Diego. We host our own race (Zot Trot!!!) and we go to the Collegiate National Championships. We also have an unofficial post-season with some longer races (Wildflower, OC Triathlon, Renegade Race Series etc).
  • Do I need a wetsuit to race?
    • No, you can definitely race without a wetsuit. However, most collegiate races take place between February and March… during this time the water temperature is quite low and a wetsuit is strongly encouraged. Also, a wetsuit keeps you more buoyant which is definitely nice for longer swims.
  • Can I do triathlon as a relay?
    • Absolutely, relays are another way to participate and be a part of the team without having to race all three disciplines.

Please contact us or any member of the team if you have more questions.

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