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Practice Schedule

Below are the key sessions each day in a typical weekly schedule during the school year (subject to change). None of our training sessions are mandatory. If you can’t make it to practice, but still want to do the workout, it is easy to find friends on the team to do the workout with later or earlier in the day. There are also second sessions several days per week. Our winter training is race specific with hard blocks in between races and easier weeks leading up to them. Below is a sample training week.


  • 7 am Trail Run Leaving from the ARC
  • Evening Yoga Class (Time TBD)


  • Morning Weight Training (Time TBD)
  • Evening Swim (Time TBD)


  •  7 am Swim Practice: ARC Pool Lanes 7-9
  •  6:30 pm Bike Practice : ARC Workout Shop


  •  7 am Swim Practice: ARC Pool Lanes 7-9
  •  6 pm Track Practice: Leave from ARC


  •  7 am BRICK Practice: ARC Workout Shop


  •  7 am Bike Practice: Leaving from the ARC

Sunday: Relax


Practices are not mandatory. We understand that as students our schedules are very busy and it can be difficult to be available 7 days a week. We encourage people to come to as many practices as they can, however if you can not make practices but still want to be apart of the team talk to an officer.

What is Bike Camp?

Bike camp is much more than just bikes, it is bikes, burritos, bonking, and so much team bondage. Every year we hold a training camp for our team members in which we go out as a team and train together. Stay tuned for more announcements about this years Bike Camp!