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Course Details

Course Details




Run: 6K (3.7 miles)

The run course starts in the spectator and vendor area on the ARC Field and is a 3.7 mile loop. Waves will begin every 5 minutes. Ending with the 6K run/walk.




Bike: 19 km (11.8 miles)

The bike course consists of a 3 mile loop repeated 4 times and is completely closed to traffic.  The map below shows one loop as well as the entrance and exit to the loop from transition.  Riding will be done on the CORRECT side of the road. 






Swim: 250 yards (0.142 miles)

The swim will be a 250 yard snake swim in the Anteater Recreation Center pool.  NO DIVING is allowed – you may jump feet first into the water and push off the wall. Race will end in the swimming area.