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Meet the Team

President: Courtney Klein

Team administration

  • Year in School: 5th
  • Major: PhD in Physics
  • Hometown: Lake Stevens, WA
  • Favorite of the 3 disciplines: Running
  • Favorite Team Memory: Mixed team relay at nationals 2023
  • Favorite Drink: Coffee
  • Worst Forgotten Item on Race Morning: My trisuit
  • How I Got Into Tri: A friend was tired of being the slowest so they invited me to join.
  • Email:

Treasurer: Ema Dang

Preforms team reimbursement and budgeting

Race Director: Emily Shetzline

In charge of all things Zot Trot

Public Relations: Michaela Sumortin

Sponsorship, Social Media, Merchandise

Outreach: Raul Tabares

Team recruitment and events

Event Coordinator: Deb Wen

Organize bike camp and team travel

Event Advisors: Brian Vazquez

Supports all team events

Practice Leads:

Swim Lead: Michaela Sumortin

Bike Lead: Cody Gonzalez

Run Lead: Emily Shetzline

Strength Lead: Courtney Klein