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Meet the Team


Coach: TBD

Team Coordinator & Assistant Coach: Jesse Holt

  • Year in School: 6th 
  • Degree: PhD in Biophysics
  • Year on the Team: 6th
  • Hometown: Escondido, CA
  • Favorite of the 3 disciplines: Swimming during a race but cycling practices are super fun
  • Favorite Team Activity: Bike Camp! Adventure rides, exploring new places, hanging with friends making memories what’s not to love?
  • Favorite Team Memory: Drew’s Birthday Celebration
  • Favorite Gel Flavor: Raspberry Gel
  • #1 Tip to a Newbie: Be consistent. Just get outside often and have some fun. Train hard but train smart. It’s easier when you train with friends and have others to keep you accountable. On race day you want to make sure you’re prepared so you can just get out there and send it.
  • Worst Forgotten Item on Race Morning: I actually forgot my race kit at home when we raced the Cal Bearathlon. Luckily I had my Aqua Man speedo in my bag so I just wore that during the race. It all turned out okay in the end but if you race in a speedo it puts pressure on you to go fast or you just look like a tool.
  • How I Got Into Tri: I started triathlon when I was an undergrad at UCSD. I got hit by a car and broke my collarbone my second year. It bungled my plans to join the swim team there so I decided why should I be good at one sport when I can be slightly above average at 3.
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El Presidente & Pace Arrow Captain: Megan Uozumi

  • Year in School: 4rd
  • Year on the Team: 3rd
  • Major: Mechanical Engineering (minor: BME)
  • Hometown: Belmont, CA
  • Favorite of the 3 disciplines: Running
  • Favorite Team Activity: Racing
  • Favorite Team Memory: San Diego Bike Camp
  • Favorite Drink: vitaminwater xxx.
  • #1 Tip to a Newbie: Practice open water swimming in the ocean before you try it during a race.
  • Worst Forgotten Item on Race Morning: I forgot dramamine, got a bout of vertigo during the swim, and threw up on the way to transition.
  • How I Got Into Tri: I ran xc and track in high school, but when I got to UCI I wanted to try something new so I joined the Powerlifting team. It took about a year for me to realize that lifting heavy weights wasn’t my calling (at 5’5″ and 115lbs, the weights I was lifting weren’t actually that heavy). I missed racing, and saw triathlon the a perfect opportunity to do something I’m good at (running), something I like (biking), and something I want to get better at (swimming).
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Vice President & Race Director: Mark Kim

  • Year in School: 4rd
  • Year on the Team: 3rd
  • Major: ??
  • Hometown: Irvine, CA
  • Favorite of the 3 disciplines: Running, as I find it the easiest to train and compete well in.
  • Favorite Team Activity: Going to a bike camp that we held in San Diego where I got to really push the limits of my biking abilities while also being able to bond with my teammates.
  • Favorite Team Memory: Completing my first race, the UCLA IronBruin as it was my first triathlon race on the team but also my first triathlon race in general. It was very rewarding to finish a race that seems so difficult.
  • Favorite Drink: Lemon-Lime
  • #1 Tip to a Newbie: Maintain good hydration and nutrition before and during practices as it is easy to become very exhausted in a short amount of time.
  • How I Got Into Tri: I initially got into triathlon because I had been running, having a cross country/track background, but also swam for much of my childhood as a way to stay in shape. Because of this, I wanted to take on a new challenge and try triathlon out. I have since come to really enjoy the sport and the team around it.

Treasurer: Dylan Pyburn

  • Year in School: Senior
  • Year on the Team: Second
  • Major: Computer Science and Engineering
  • Hometown: Roseville, CA
  • Favorite of the 3 disciplines: Swimming
  • Favorite Team Activity: Team bike rides
  • Favorite Team Memory: Watching the World Triathlon Championship Series
  • Favorite Drink: Sparkling water
  • #1 Tip to a Newbie: Train consistently and have fun!
  • Worst Forgotten Item on Race Morning: Race suit
  • How I Got Into Tri: I grew up swimming and biking so triathlon looked like a new and fun challenge.
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Sponsorship Chair: Wilfred Russell

Social Media: TBD